Employees of a Lauderdale County Hospital Are Not Getting Paid For Their Work

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Employees of a Lauderdale County hospital want to know when they’ll get paid.

They say they’ve not been paid in weeks and just weeks before Christmas some have even been laid off.

That’s left the community with lots of questions about the stability of the hospital.

People working at the hospital are in need of some relief themselves.

Hospital CEO, Michael Layfield says employees will be paid soon and says the hospital is about to embark on a nearly million dollar expansion, which has many questioning how that will happen while paychecks aren’t even being processed on time.

“Just recently we’ve had some delays in payroll,” said Layfield. “That payroll, by the way, will be made in the morning to all of our employees.” 

Layfield blames money problems in decreases in payments from the federal government saying small rural hospitals like Lauderdale are hit worse.

In the last couple of weeks, several employees have been laid off Layfield says amounting to about 2 percent of staff.

“That goes on from time to time to right size staffing, save money, allow us to make payroll,” said Layfield.

Layfield says those layoffs and payroll delays will help in funding and support of their opioid treatment unit.

“And allow us to do some unique and innovative things and services that are coming to our hospital,” said Layfield.

While employees of the hospital have placed their bills and holiday shopping on hold hospital owner Jorge Perez is planning an $800,000 recovery center in January, intensive patient out care center and DNA testing.

Employees we talked with say, they hope the hospital CEO will keep his word this time and they will get their two weeks overdue pay.

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