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A community is Somerville is rallying together to bring a father and businessman back home. The family tells Local 24 News their father Francisco Javier Adin, a Mexican-born immigrant, was denied re-entry to the United States three months ago.

Employees at The Hut in Somerville are hard at work filling orders, but someone is missing. Since August 26th, Francisco Javier Adin has been stuck in Mexico. He’s considered the backbone of the family business.

 “He deserves his life,” said Javier’s wife Alicia. “He has worked so hard for it and he’s just here and he needs to be here. I can’t run this place by myself.”

His wife Alicia Adin is US citizen. They’ve been married 18 years.

“I don’t know what the future holds,” she said. “It’s just a scary feeling knowing that your separated from the person you love.”

The family says he travelled back to Mexico in August for an immigration interview. After living illegally in the US for more than 20 years, he wanted to do the right thing. But during his interview he was denied re-entry for unknown reasons.

“This is my dad,” said Lex Nunez. “This is the man who raised me and if I can take any action possible to bring him home as soon as possible, I’m going to take every action possible.”

Lex Nunez is Javier’s stepson. Earlier this week he started an online petition gathering more than 2,000 signatures.

It reads in part:

“My father has done nothing but good in his life for his family, friends, and the restaurant. He has never been in any trouble, not even a traffic ticket, he has paid his taxes in this country, and done everything that an American citizen should do although he’s not…There is nothing bad that you could say about a man who has an extraordinarily strong faith in Christ, who puts his family before himself, and is selfless in an opportunity to help others no matter the expense. My father exemplifies every trait of a person who belongs in this country.”

Those who signed the petition just want to give Javier a second chance.

“I’m hoping that he comes back tomorrow,” said Terry Parker. “I’m praying that he will. I know it’s not reasonable but if he comes back that’s all I’m asking for. He’s like a brother to me.”

“I just don’t understand how our country can be talking about how everyone is free, and he had a family and a community is torn apart this way. It’s really upsetting,” said Sydney Jenkins.

The family told Local 24 News it has hired a Texas-based immigration attorney to help get Javier home.

“I’m not giving up until I get my husband back some way, somehow,” said his wife.

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