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Felony criminal simulation case against former UT quarterback dismissed

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - - The former UT quarterback accused of trying to deposit a counterfeit check worth almost $100,000 had his case dismissed Monday.

Sterling Henton was arrested after police say he tried to deposit a counterfeit check for $95,140 at a Y-12 Federal Credit Union on Clinton Highway on June 13. He was charged with felony criminal simulation valued between $60,000-$250,000.

The judge said the dismissal was based on new evidence and Henton's continued cooperation

According to the Knox County District Attorney's Office, U.S. Secret Service agents and postal inspectors determined that Henton was the victim of a scam. 

"It is the duty of the District Attorney not only to pursue the guilty but also to protect the innocent to assure that justice is achieved," said Sean McDermott with the DA's office. "The dismissal of this case was necessary in order to meet that duty."

The DA's office will pursue charges against the people who tried to scam Henton. 

The check came from a Coda Ventures bank account, a marketing firm headquartered in Nashville. A representative from Coda Ventures told investigators that the check was, in fact, counterfeit and not from their business.

Investigators spoke to Henton on Tuesday, July 3 and the two-time SEC Champion admitted to depositing the check and being aware that it was not in the correct amount.

We reached out to Henton, who said this is all part of a "catfishing" scheme. He added that all the details will come out soon. 

"Mr. Henton looks forward to showing his innocence. [He] was the victim of an elaborate internet scheme.  Once this is cleared up, Mr. Henton intends to use this experience to educate others how to avoid becoming victimized by sophisticated scammers," said Wade Davies, Henton's attorney, in a statement. 

Sterling Henton was a quarterback for the Tennessee Volunteers from 1987-1990. He was a part of SEC title-winning teams in 1989-1990. Henton now works as an analyst, DJ and motivational speaker. He is the official DJ of the University of Tennessee football team. 

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