Five people charged for illegal dumping in Northaven after Local 24 News exclusive

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – We were right here, right off of McWhirter street in Northaven last Friday, when we found the trash. Monday, they picked it all up. 

Here we are on Friday, and it’s already come back.

You couldn’t miss this place because of the smell.

There were garbage bags torn open, bits of old food, other garbage, even things like used prophylactics on the ground.

This was a place where kids once played.

“It’s a serious problem anywhere,” Frankie Dakin of Shelby County Public Works says, “… these illegal dumpsites. We want to make sure these neighborhoods are clear, and these issues are addressed right away, and that’s why the partnership with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department is so important.”

Monday, public works crews went to work removing trash. Crews also collected any bills or envelopes that had names and addresses on them.

They were handed to sheriff’s deputies at the scene.

According to Dakin, “When our employees find a dumpsite like this or are called out to find a dumpsite like this, and we find identifying material or anything that can identify the perpetrators, we hand them over to the Shelby County Sheriff’s office, and they do a really good job in finding these individuals.”

They went to work fast, driving through Northaven streets to find those responsible.

Five people were cited for illegal dumping. Three of the five had other warrants as well.

“The individuals that dumped trash have been summoned to court,” Dakin says, “… and we want individuals to know that if you do this, you will be found. We have a great relationship with the Shelby County Sheriff’s office and that is the avenue we will take.”

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