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Former Memphis Grizzlies Coach Now In New Arena

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - Lionel Hollins spent a lot of years in the National Basketball Association.
His career literally took him across the country.
He could have lived anywhere.
Lionel Hollins CHOSE to live in Memphis and Shelby County.

"I love the people," the former Memphis Grizzlies coach says. " I love the way the city has progressed and grown, and all the positive things going on in our city. I am loving watching what's happening and being a part of it and helping our community be better."

Shelby County Mayor- elect Lee Harris says he thought of Lionel Hollins as the perfect person to co-chair his transition team.

"Lionel Hollins is a leader in this community," Harris says. "He's committed to this community. He sent his kids to schools in this community. He has an amazing knowledge of this community. He maintains places in the suburbs and the urban core, so he's got a foot in the urban core and the suburbs."

Hollins says he knows people, a diverse group of people who can help.
He is as serious about this as he was on a basketball court.
People in the sporting world live for challenges, and this is a challenge for Lionel Hollins.

"Being a part of this, I'm grateful," he says. "I'm humbled by it, because somebody would ask me to be in an arena that I really had no experience in. It's great growth for me as well, and I thank God for the opportunity."

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