Germantown families still cleaning after flash flooding damaged homes last week

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Germantown families still cleaning after flash flooding damaged homes last week

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. (  Three days after torrential rain and flash flooding, pockets of Germantown remain a mess, with a lengthy and costly cleanup ahead.

The weather affected around 100 Germantown families, many of whom don’t have flood insurance.

On Pierpoint Cove, the flash flooding forced the gutting of homes, as prized possessions lay outside, ruined. Amidst the destruction, neighbors are energized by the generosity of others.

It’s something you really can’t conceive of, I mean, it’s apocalyptic, Stan Peake said.

The rain is long gone but the fallout lingers for those living on the Germantown block, with tough choices ahead.

Most of the people are retirees, so, you know, they don’t really have the money, Peake said.

Peake is fortunate. He has flood insurance, but many of his neighbors do not.

It’s going to have to come out of pocket to fix their stuff, and you know, it’s easily going to be in the six-figures, Peake said.

Volunteers showed their kindness amidst so much uncertainty, offering sandwiches and other assistance.

People are really good and we are thankful, Claudia Stockwell said.

Some Germantown homeowners believe the more than 10 inches of rain in three hours in certain areas simply overwhelmed the system.

“You can’t plan for that kind of rainfall, that much water coming into the system at one time,” Peake said.

But others impacted, like Susan Davidoff a few miles from Pierpoint Cove, shared a different opinion, after fast-moving waters toppled a fence in her backyard.

I think the city of Germantown is clearly like way behind. The infrastructure to support what they want to do in the city is not there, Davidoff said.

In the upcoming city of Germantown budget, there’s money for both minor drainage improvements in the short term and a multi-year study in the long term to identify improvements in the overall drainage system.

(CITY OF GERMANTOWN NEWS RELEASE) Clean up and damage assessments continue after Germantown experienced an unprecedented major rain event on Friday, June 7, which caused significant flooding in some neighborhoods throughout the city.

All weekend and into today, numerous City teams from fire, public works, engineering, and economic and community development have been visiting and assessing damage in homes along the most affected routes and those that have been reported. In addition, Waste Pro, the City’s sanitation contractor, had 12 trucks out on Saturday to remove storm debris and offer manpower to help remove items from homes. Storm debris collection will continue throughout the week. Germantown Police have increased patrols in the affected areas. Public works and engineering crews are assessing damage to fences and drainage ditches.

While calls continue to come in, any Germantown resident who experienced property damage due to the heavy rain and flooding that took place early Friday morning is asked to call (901) 757-7200 or visit to report damage. Those who have been visited by City staff and completed a damage assessment have already been recorded and do not need to respond.

Those interested in volunteering to support those affected by the flooding should join the Germantown HELPS Facebook group. This group was created by community members in order to coordinate volunteers with those in need.

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