Germantown Officer Fires Weapon After Shoplifting Incident At Old Navy

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Germantown Police are looking for shoplifting suspects who police say caused an injury to a Germantown police officer.  

Police say two women stole merchandise from an Old Navy store at the Germantown Village Square Shopping Center just before 4:00 p.m. Saturday.   

Local 24 News talked with two Palm Beach Tan employees who saw the mayhem unfold.  

“It could have been way worse. Somebody could have been hit by a stray bullet. They were going too fast in the parking lot. Somebody could have been hit by a car going by. Anything like that, we just have to count our blessings, that I mean everybody is safe,” said Zac Clark, a Palm Beach Tan employee.  

Germantown Police say officers arrived minutes after they were notified. They found the women getting into a silver four-door Sedan. As officers tried to arrest the suspects, police say one of the officers got entangled in the door of their car and was dragged by the vehicle. 

Local 24 News learned the officer fired his weapon before falling from the vehicle.  

“You would never think this will happen here, of all places. So, the fact that two gunshots rang right next to our store, right on the street next to us, it scared us. It shocked us,” said Kacey Lloyd, who works at Palm Beach Tan.  

A third suspect, who police identified as the driver, is also wanted. All three suspects were last seen on Humphreys Boulevard.

Please contact Germantown Police at 901-757-2274 if you have any information on the suspects. 

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