Getting issues fixed: the frustration of an average person in Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – At Memphis City Hall, they always tell people if you need action call the Mayor’s Action Line at 311.

A Cordova woman did just that. She says maybe they need to change it to the Mayor’s No Action Line.

The neighborhood is a little pocket of humanity tucked in behind businesses and fast food restaurants on Germantown Road.

Stephanie Boyd says it’s a gem, as far as she is concerned. She does consider leaving the gem behind sometimes.

“I have thought about moving,” Stephanie says, “… and that’s everyone’s suggestion. Move to Desoto County, move to Arlington. But Memphis is my home. I’m a lifelong Memphian and I want to stay here.”

If you ever wonder why people leave Memphis, this is one of the reasons.

Boyd pays her property taxes keep the place up, but one thing she doesn’t like is all of this uncut grass on the road leading into her development. So she called the Mayor’s Action Line.

“There are a lot of grassy areas where the power lines run through,” Boyd says. “I, along with the neighbors here, called multiple times about getting it mowed. Trash is dumped there.”

Stephanie Boyd called 311 again, and again, and still hasn’t received an answer.

We did.

The grass covered property is owned by the TVA and Memphis Light Gas and Water. They are responsible for cutting the grass. Both are government agencies, so they can be cited by the city.

They also told Knecht they are seven weeks behind schedule.

“This is a challenging year for many,” he says. “We’re challenged sometimes because of the weather, a lot of rain. You cannot cut when the grass is wet, and then you get more grass growing because of the rain.”

Knecht says they have received her complaints about gang graffiti and have forwarded the information to Memphis Police.

Stephanie says all of this just gets tiresome.

“I mean grass has to be mowed,” she says. “It’s summertime in the South. It has to be mowed on a regular basis.”

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