High winds, flash flooding leave their mark in Mid-South, especially in Desoto County, MS

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DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. (localmemphis.com) – Hundreds of people across Desoto County, Mississippi, are cleaning up after severe weather and flash flooding pummeled them Thursday morning.

Winds toppled trees in some areas and relentless rains wreaked havoc in others.

One section hit especially hard was a stretch of Horn Lake Road, where downpours flooded a property and temporarily trapped two people inside as a drainage ditch just couldn’t handle the onslaught of rain.

“What you saw before was a disaster and very tense,” Eddie Sevire said. “It came so quick that this is the end result, a disaster inside my home.”

The water receded Thursday afternoon, but the flash flooding left behind plenty of damage. Four cars were flooded and about four feet of water seeped into Sevire’s home of 20 years.

“Property loss, some of it you can replace, some of it is emotional and you can’t replace it,” Sevire said.

Sevire believes Desoto County road crews could do more to prevent this drainage from stopping up and dumping into nearby properties.

“A simple fix as far as cleaning or dredging the ditch on the west side of my home would eliminate this problem,” Sevire said.

A Desoto County spokesperson, while sympathetic to any property damage, said flash flooding can overflow even the best drainage design.

Sevire said all he can do now is regroup and repair what can be fixed.

“Thank God I have insurance on all my vehicles, insurance on my home, but we’ll go from there and pick up the pieces,” Sevire said.

The Desoto County Director of Emergency Services said one saving grace during Thursday morning’s flash flooding was the mainly dry weather in the days leading up.

The high winds also knocked over at least two large trees in a Hernando subdivision.

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