Historic Home Finally Free Of Bee Problem

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On the border of Fayette County, Tennessee and Benton County, Mississippi sits the Samuel B. Harper house. Originally built in 1835, it’s a place just oozing with history.

“This house is the oldest sided house in north Mississippi. The oldest non-log cabin structure in this part of the world,” says Ben Cowan, whose family owns the Harper House.

The house is considered a historic site, so when Cowan found a swarm of bees taking up residence, he knew the building wasn’t the only thing that needed protecting.

“That’s what we wanted. To get rid of the bees in a responsible manner, but also pay great detail to the house,” says Cowan.

It took Cowan a few years to find someone willing to tackle his bee problem, but APEX Wildlife finally stepped up. With recent concerns over the honey bee population, crews spent Thursday morning carefully gathering the hive in hopes of relocating the bees somewhere they could do some good for the local environment.

“These are wild bees. These are more suited to survive than what you would buy from a bee producer,” says Mike Harris, a bee removal specialist for APEX.

“It sounds kind of corny, but they care about the bees,” says Cowan

So it’s a win-win for the bees and for Cowan and his sister. Both of them can now celebrate a sweet victory with all that honey left behind by the bees.

“We’ll have plenty to put on our biscuits this winter, for sure.”

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