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Horn Lake Residents Say Sinkholes Continue To Cause Problems

HORN LAKE, Miss. (localmemphis.com) - A Horn Lake subdivision seems to be sinking. Ravenwood subdivision is back in the news after more complaints from residents who blame sinkholes for leaky pipes and faulty engineering.

"I cut my own yard and I went up through there and said, aw naw, this is not good,” says Jonathan Crutcher.

Jonathan and Teresa Crutcher point out new sink holes forming in their yard in Ravenwood Subdivision in Horn Lake. They moved here in 2006 and say they've been sinking ever since.

"That one on the southwest corner of the yard, that one started this year with all the rain. It just opened up in a matter of a couple days,” says Jonathan Crutcher.

The Crutchers say crews with the city of Horn Lake Public Works department have been out here at least twice in the past few years.

"They had to tear the yard up to get down to it,” says Jonathan Crutcher.

But the holes continue to pop up.

"It’s something to do with the drain and the lines, I don't know,” says Teresa Crutcher.

Ravenwood resident Jim Stacy lives a few streets away from the Crutchers. He called Local 24 in 2013 when a massive sinkhole caved in the corner of his street, then again a few years later when another one formed.

"It was over 5 feet deep. And that was scary cause now my driveway is cracked now from it also,” says Stacy.

Ravenwood residents aren't really sure who's to blame. They just want it all fixed before sinkholes swallow up the entire neighborhood.

"One side of mine was repaired by where the water runs off, and now the other side is developing a hole. (So is it the whole thing?) I don't know,” says Stacy.

The city of Horn Lake Public Works Director told Local 24 a city contractor is scheduled to come out next week.

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