Horn Lake Senior Brings Girl Power To The Football Team

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All eyes are on the Horn Lake, Mississippi, High School football team. The first female in the high school’s history joined the team. Senior Jeanette Valdez is one of the kickers.

Valdez has been playing soccer since she was a toddler, and was ready to step out of her comfort zone.

“At first, they were just really weirded out ‘cause it was a girl,” says Valdez.

17-year-old Horn Lake High school senior Jeanette Valdez is the whole package. Beauty, brains, and she’s some kind of an athlete. She has a 4.31 GPA and is captain of the soccer team. Now she’s a kicker on the Eagles football field.

“It felt amazing. The adrenaline rush, the crowd,” says Valdez.

Valdez played Friday night against Lake Cormorant. She didn’t score the first time, but she nailed it the second time.

“Think that first one was nerves and she really tried to hit it a little too hard. But the second one

was perfect. You know she is getting better,” says Horn Lake head coach Brad Boyette.

Boyette says when Valdez asked to be part of the team, he told her to come to practice so he could see what’s she got. He admits, he was impressed.

“I’ve got a pretty good athlete, who just happens to be a girl,” says Boyette.

Boyette says the team of all boys has welcomed Valdez, and respect her courage.

“I think the guys realize that she’s in a place that’s nothing her comfort zone. They realize that what she’s doing and they can see that and you know it challenges them,” says Boyette.

“Hard work. It’s gonna pay off in the end,” says Valdez.

Valdez now feels like one of the guys. She just had one request when she joined the Eagles football team. “I didn’t want my stuff being washed with the boys’ stuff. Why is that? I didn’t want my stuff to stink. They all stink.”

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