How to stay safe in dangerous heat this holiday weekend

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( They say Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of Summer, but it’s going to feel pretty official this weekend.

This week is our first exposure to consecutive days in the 90s, which means thousands of Mid-Southerners need to be safe on this Memphis Bicentennial Weekend.

64 ounces of water in the daytime, also, pack a bottle of Gatorade, Powerade, said Dr. Kimberly Brown, ER Physician at Baptist DeSoto Hospital.

If you don’t take precaution of the heat, you can end up severely sick or even worse in the hospital.

With the increase of heat, people are definitely coming in complaining of a bunch of different things. Muscle cramps, people are passing out in the heat, they’re suffering from heat exhaustion and also some people are suffering from heat stroke, said Dr. Brown.

This holiday weekend, families will likely be active and places like Shelby Farms and the Mud Island Splash Park will be crowded.

“Coming out to places like this…splash pad, we also go to the Memphis Zoo that has a pool and a splash pad, we go to the children’s museum,” said Keosha Perry, who lives in Memphis.

It’s important to wear lightweight, light-colored clothing. Look for shade and wear sunscreen, especially if you’re going to be working in the sun.

A lot of water, with my job it’s very active because I’m a deckhand. We’re moving stuff a lot, take a lot of water breaks when it’s this hot out, said Nichole Stiefvater, who is visiting Memphis from Wisconsin.

Hydration is key.

You get severely dehydrated. Your body isn’t getting enough fluid and enough blood flow to the organs so you can have symptoms like seizures, altered mental status, you can become confused and that’s definitely an emergency, said Dr. Brown.

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