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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – If you’re a subscriber of DIRECTV or AT&T U-verse, you haven’t seen us for a couple of months due to a retransmission dispute between the owner of our station, Nexstar Media Group, and AT&T.

AT&T blocked us and more than 100 other stations in 97 cities until Thursday afternoon, thankfully before the first football weekend.

The most common question I get is from folks asking is, “What is a retransmission dispute?”

Put simply, for years cable and satellite companies used broadcast channels as part of their packages, but they didn’t pay anything for it. Broadcasters eventually said enough.

If DIRECTV and others pay all the other networks to carry their signals, why not for local news, weather, and sports, which are among the most popular?

Now all providers pay broadcast stations a retransmission fee. This dispute was over how much that fee should be. Terms were not released, so I don’t know who won, but we do know you lost. Thanks for your patience. It’s good to be back.

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