In Tuesday’s Ransom Note: Tennessee students at the bottom of list of those who say they like math

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – In Tuesday’s Ransom Note: Tuesday is World Math Day, and a new poll shows chances are our kids weren’t celebrating.

Tennessee is at the bottom when it comes to students who say they like math. According to the folks at Brainly, 59% of Tennesseans say they are definitely not a fan. Students in New Jersey, Virginia, Arizona, and Maryland like it even less.

On the flip side, people in South Carolina and Washington state like math the most, at 75%. New York, Kentucky, and California weren’t far behind. Brainly says the fact is, even those states should be higher.

Adding that dislike for math most likely starts at home. I remember when my second grade daughter had homework on how to subtract, and I couldn’t help her. The way she’d been taught was completely foreign to me. I let her down, and I was frustrated.

Experts say a way around that is showing our kids how math is used in everyday life, from counting change to figuring out how much to tip. In other words, keep trying mom and dad. Our kids need us to.

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