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Investigation After 6-Year-Old Girl's Braids Were Pulled Out At School

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - A bizarre story out of Whitehaven involves a kindergarten student and her braids. The principal at Winchester Elementary is looking into an incident involving a teacher, after a 6-year-old student's braids went missing.

Photos given to Local 24 by the student's family. They say the kindergartener went to school Tuesday and when she came home, it appeared two of her braids had been ripped out.

According to the family, they were told the child's hair got caught in a zip-lock bag. But the family isn't buying the story and believes the teacher used excessive force.

“If it gets stuck in one of my braids, it's not going to pull it. It may yank it, but it will not pull it with force to come out of my head, no,” said the student’s aunt April Graham-Hill. When asked what she think happened, Graham-Hill said, “I think the teacher lost her cool.”

Local 24 reached out to Shelby County Schools for comment and was told school leaders are looking into the matter. An incident report has been filed and the child was moved to another classroom.

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