Investigations Into The Former Principal And A Suspended Teacher At Houston High School

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There are two major new developments involving a former principal and suspended teacher at Houston High School in Germantown.

The Tennessee Department of Child Services is investigating suspended Houston High School choir teacher William Rayburn, after accusations he kissed and inappropriately touched students.

Local 24 also learned Germantown Police investigated former principal Kyle Cherry this past summer for drunkenly climbing a ladder and banging on the window at a Houston teacher’s home late at night.

This double dose of news a major surprise to Houston parents, but records Local 24 uncovered showed both Rayburn and Cherry were given previous suspensions at this school.

Thursday, the former principal told Local 24 his side of the story.

“If you look at it for face value, it’s like ‘oh my god, this guy is a creeper.’ This guy is not a creeper,” said Cherry,

Cherry said the August police report is not the reason he stepped down from his post last week.

“The stress and pressure of this job just built up,” said Cherry.

In wake of Cherry’s resignation April 20th, a Germantown police report emerged which said Cherry went to the home of a Houston teacher in late July, climbed a ladder, and banged on a window. He woke up the teacher’s child. The teacher chose not to prosecute.

Cherry confirms the account and regrets it.

“It was a situation, I felt like I needed to contact her, we’d been working through a very emotional situation with a former colleague, I said alcohol played a large part in my poor decision,” said Cherry.

Records show Germantown’s superintendent said the incident showed a clear lack of judgment, and that Cherry was suspended one day in April 2016 for unprofessional conduct.

“I’ve met the principal, surprised by that, very kind, generous man,” said parent Frank Collins.

Houston parents were also alarmed to learn the state and district are investigating suspended choir teacher William Rayburn after records show parents and students accused him of inappropriate conduct, including kissing and touching students.

“Mistrustful leadership and concerned, would have liked to have been involved, tell my daughter to be cautious, but we didn’t have that opportunity, it’s a little disappointing,” said Collins.

Records also show former principal Kyle Cherry received a nearly $25,000 separation payout when he resigned in recent days.

It’s unclear when the separate investigations into suspended choir teacher William Rayburn will wrap up.

UPDATE 8/29/2018: There will be no criminal violations filed against a former local choir teacher accused of misconduct.

William Rayburn was originally fired from Houston High School after being accused of kissing students, touching them inappropriately, and bullying, threatening not only students, but also parents.

After being fired, Rayburn sent a 14-page rebuttal to the Germantown school leaders, claiming a majority of the allegations were from parents seeking revenge because their child wasn’t given a solo or placed in advanced choirs.

Germantown police confirmed Thursday to Local 24 the investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing.

The school district says Rayburn’s legal due process hearing is still in progress.

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