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It's A Winter Wonderland In Tipton County

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - In Tipton County, the sleet turned to snow around 9 A.M. Friday.

It looked like a winter wonderland on the Covington Tennessee town square.

Despite a bulldozer trying to keep the streets clear, the snow prevented many stores owners from opening but it didn't stop people from getting out and enjoying the wintry weather.

"Oh, it's great. We're just out riding around seeing what's going on," said Walt Downing, Tipton County resident.

"We've videoed some stuff to show the grandparents. Gonna put some funny stuff together,” said Weston Downing, Tipton county resident.

While some people rushed to get out of the snow it didn't seem to bother Rex, a Great Pyranose. We found his owner taking Rex on a walk, "He loves it. He was designed for this. He gets excited when it's like this," said Barbara Thomas, Covington resident. " I was not designed for this so yeah I'm going to be going inside, as soon as possible, as soon as he is ready. "

Andrew Reinholdson didn't mind exposing a little skin for the chance to play in the snow with his daughter. Reinholdson was sporting shorts and a sleeveless shirt in the snow.

Reinholdson said he knew he was a little underdress but added, "the snow is beautiful."

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