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Jerry "The King" Lawler Looks Back on World Title Win 30 Years Ago

MEMPHIS, TN - May 9, 1988 was a big night in Memphis.
Crowds of people filled the Coliseum and witnessed Jerry "The King" Lawler take down Curt Hennig and win the AWA World Heavyweight Title.
Lawler said that moment is the most special of his decades long career.
"To have the sold out Coliseum, the mayor on hand and all my friends, and then to have Jackie Fargo do the 1...2...3 count, that was very very special," said Lawler as he looked back on the night.
The Memphis native added if you watch the video, Fargo actually counted to 4 to make sure.
Moments after he was declared the winner, the other wrestlers lifted him up as he held the championship belt that eluded him for years.
"I remember looking into so many faces of the fans at that particular time and seeing it was...I think as big for the wrestling fans in Memphis as it was for me then," Lawler said.
Now at 68 years old, Lawler admitted as special as that night was he has mixed feelings.
"When I think back on it and I watch the match, I just you know, I have mixed emotions because all my good friends that were involved in that are not with us anymore," said Lawler.
The King's 30 year anniversary win came a couple months after he suffered a stroke.
He was at his Memphis home at the time.
"My fiancee Lauryn looked at me my mouth was like drooping she just screamed," said Lawler.
His fiancee rushed him to the hospital.  Lawler said he spent 3 days there, unable to speak.
He explained he was off blood pressure medication when the stroke happened. When he reached the hospital his blood pressure reached 256/175.
These days Lawler feels fortunate he came out of it okay.
"If you even think you might have high blood pressure go and have it checked because I hear it all the time they say it truly is the silent killer," said Lawler.




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