Judge Rules Again That Memphis Will Not Get Immunity In Lawsuit For Untested Rape Kits

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Another delay in a civil lawsuit involving more than 50 sexual assault victims.

The victims are suing the city of Memphis over a backlog of untested sexual assault kits.

The city of Memphis is asking for immunity in the case.

Judge Gina Higgins has ruled on three separate occasions that the city will not get immunity and the lawsuit is valid. 

This time Judge Higgins ruled she will look over everything and decide later.

The lawsuit began in 2014, the attorney for the victims says they need closure.

Plaintiffs’ Attorney Daniel Lofton told Local 24, “This is about getting the rest of the story out and getting closure to all of these victims. And making a final, giving them a final sense of peace so they can put this behind them that hasn’t happened yet.”

In 2013 the city revealed there were more than 12-thousand untested rape kits.  

In June the city reported less than four percent remain to be tested.

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