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Kirby High School Students Return To Class

MEMPHIS, Tenn (localmemphis.com) -  Kirby High School students returned to class Tuesday.

The school was closed for a week because of an infestation of rats, roaches and snakes.

Students say before the closures the school was filthy and they often spotted rodents and bugs.

They say not only were the pests gone but the school looked completely different.

 “It was nice, it felt a lot cleaner. the bathrooms were straight, ya know, it was much nicer now," said Shelba Sledge a 10th grader at Kirby

Shelby County Schools released video on twitter showing crews working in the school.

SCS says crews replaced 700 ceiling tiles and 200 feet of insulation.

Pest control, maintenance, custodial and grounds teams clocked approximately 800 hours of work

and it cost about 20-thousand dollars.


Statement from SCS

Today we welcomed our students and staff back at Kirby HS successfully. Everyone was glad to be back, and the entire school day went without any issues. Over the last week we’ve had our internal facilities team along with three external vendors conduct the necessary treatments and clean-up process of the rodents that were found in the school. There has not been any sighting of any type of pest in the building today or over the last few days. We are confident the treatments and clean-up process has worked, and we will continue to collaborate with the Department of Health to ensure the school meets all health requirements. The teams will continue to monitor the campus over the next few weeks to ensure the problem doesn’t persist. 

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