Law enforcement and a geneticist explain there isn’t enough research to suggest effectiveness of CBD

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and a geneticist with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center said there needs to be more research done to show how effective CBD can be as a medical treatment.

Megan Mulligan is an assistant professor at UTHSC and has done research on the effects of THC and CBD. CBD is short for cannabidiol and is derived from the hemp plant.

“THC of course is the ingredient that gets you high or you feel intoxicated, but CBD does not produce those effects,” Mulligan said.

Mulligan said scientists are currently researching if CBD is truly effective at treating anxiety, pain, inflammation, and drug abuse. She said it is popular because of its holistic approach for treatment.

“CBD is pretty safe, and there’s not a lot of side effects,” Mulligan said.

The research is ongoing and could take years before scientists can find if CBD is an effective as people think. It’s already seen to be effective in the possibility of treating seizures.

“It’s not been widely tested in a lot of human individuals and clinicals except for the juvenile or pediatric epilepsies,” Mulligan said.

In June of 2018, Epidiolex became the first and only FDA-approved prescription CBD to help treat seizures. Many people use oils, lotions, edibles, and water solubles from CBD stores, grocery stores, and gas stations. 

T.J. Jordan, Assistant Director for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, said the consumers should be careful when consuming CBD products, because they might not know how much THC could be in the product. The legal limit for THC in a product is .3%.

“The problem is to test every vile of that across the great state of Tennessee would be impossible,” Jordan said.

When buying CBD products, it is important to look at the lab tests that the vendor should be able to supply. This can tell you the amounts of CBD and THC are in the product.

“You don’t know from one bottle to the next and one company to the next of what the potency of it is,” Jordan said. “It could be higher or beyond the legal limit.”

Jordan said the main concern is public safety and that no one is consuming a product that could be harmful to their health. THC is still illegal in most states.

“There’s no really quality control regulation on where its being made, how it’s being made and obviously that opens up all types of possibilities,” Jordan said.

Scientists will continue to do testing on CBD to see if there is a future for this supplement.

“Some of the things are treatment for drug abuse, anxiety, inflammation, and pain but these studies are ongoing, so we don’t know,” Mulligan said.

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