Lemoyne-Owen College Investigates Basketball Brawl

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A rivalry between Lemoyne-Owen and Lane College turns violent on the basketball court this past weekend.

A fight between a Lemoyne-Owen player and a Lane player took place during a basketball game about 16 minutes in. School officials are trying to figure it who is responsible.

“There was no tension whatsoever, and the next thing you know it was chaos,” said Jamie Hall, Co-Owner of Rising Fyre Production Company. 

Hall and his colleague, Marcus Hamson’s cameras were rolling during the fight that interrupted the game.

“One of the players from Lane had been knocked into the audience of the crowd, and that’s when everything ensued from that point,” Hall explained.

The fight escalated when a fan from the stand got involved. 

“We’ve been looking at the tape to see who did what. We do know which two student-athletes were initially involved and we are dealing with them,” said Daphne Thomas, Director of Public Relations and Marketing at Lemoyne-Owen College.

No one was seriously hurt. Things got out of control when fans rushed the floor. Coaches then became referees. 

“There were people on the stage behind me, and they started coming down, and I was ducking for cover,” said Marcus Kent Hamson, Co-Owner Rising Fyre Production Company. 

Lemoyne-Owen College President plans to talk to student athletes about their conduct. 

“We hold our student-athletes to a higher standard, and they understand that, and we are not going to tolerate people coming to our games and misbehaving, Thomas said. 

The incident remains under investigation. So far disciplinary action was not taken against players, but that can change during the investigation. 

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