LINCS organization helps women overcome addiction, abuse, and homelessness

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – Overcoming obstacles such as addiction, abuse and homelessness is not easy; however, one local organization called LINCS is helping women to do just that.  

LINCS is an acronym for Ladies In Need Can Survive. One woman who transitioned through the program shared her story with Local 24 News. 

“How am I going to fight to keep going? How far can I really go?” asked TaJuana Bratcher, a former LINCS resident.  

For Bratcher, the tears started in the living room of the LINCS home.  

“For me, life was a mess, a big mess. It was in crumbles. I was headed for a dead end, seriously,” said Bratcher. 

Years prior, she’d given up on her dreams, overwhelmed by hurt and pain.  

“My main thing was I was rejected through abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse sexually, all kinds of things. I was even my own abuser,” said Bratcher. “I felt like it was no way that I could overcome or survive anything.” 

At LINCS, Bratcher was able to regain hope. 

“In this room is where I found my peace. I remember coming through that door. I was either going to be a better me or leave me out that door, I was going to be a dead me,” said Bratcher. 

Each room in the home brings back memories of Bratcher’s journey. She stopped in her old bedroom.  

“These are tears of joy. Many nights in here, I prayed for my strength. I prayed for my children,” said Bratcher. 

Now, Bratcher is stronger than ever. She finished high school, went to college, and reunited with her children. 

“My children have always –and will forever– be in my heart and in my soul in my life,” said Bratcher. 

She always reminds them to be strong.  

“Hold your head up. Keep going. Whatever you have to do to be a better you, do it,” Bratcher said. “No one can beat you being you. The failures, the good, the bad, the crying, the smiling, can’t nobody do it like you.”

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