Local 24 News political analyst and commentator Otis Sanford on the Trump Twitter scandal

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – Local 24 News political analyst and commentator Otis Sanford shares his point of view on the Trump Twitter scandal.

The recent tweets and verbal comments by the President attacking four Congresswomen of color is more than a meaningless political story from inside Washington’s beltway. This is a story that impacts every American. And it’s forcing us to once and for all face down bigotry and hate everywhere they exist, including the White House.

Let me be clear. The President’s tweets and his public statements telling the Congresswomen to go back to the countries they came from were clearly racist and steeped in ignorance. Three of the Congresswomen were born in the USA. The fourth came here as a child, and became a U.S. citizen in 2000, six years before the current first lady.

But beyond that, the President’s vile comments are again putting race front and center in our political discourse. And it’s time for all of us a choose side. Not Republican versus Democrat, urban versus rural, or even black versus white. This is a choice between decency and hatred.

It was encouraging Monday that Tennessee Governor Bill Lee finally spoke up in support of getting rid of a state law requiring a day honoring slave trader Nathan Bedford Forrest. Perhaps that is a sign that common decency is returning to state politics.

But until we have a President who no longer peddles racism and white supremacy, our national politics will continue to wallow in hate that is tearing our country apart. And that’s my point of view.

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