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Local Cool Kid: Ben Messlein

Debilitating medical issues set him up for failure, now he's thriving!

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Ben Messlein is just like any other 11-year-old. He loves Disney, roller coasters, and basketball. But Messlein also has Autism, and suffers from epileptic and photosensitive seizures.

These are disorders that could have left him on the sidelines, hurting his chances of getting a quality education. 

"Ben had a few medical issues, we felt that we needed to keep him home," said Tammy Messlein, Ben's mother. "I didn't want a teacher to deal with it. I wanted to be the person who dealt with that." 

So instead of going to a traditional school, Ben's family discovered an alternative; the Tennessee Virtual Academy, an online, public school, featuring live classes.

He's learning at his own pace, but best of all Ben's family tells us, he's thriving, improving in Math and Reading. 


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