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Imagine up close encounters with wild polar bears, seeing pristine mountains and inlets, and waking up to glaciers outside your window.

For a trip like this, only one word comes to mind.
Lailah Wilson, a senior at Overton High School called it unforgettable.

“You see these things in books, but when you finally get to see it in your own eyes,” she said. “It’s amazing.” 

It’s one of the reasons why Lailah not only took pictures during her two-week trek to Greenland and the Canadian Arctic, but wrote about her memories in a journal.

“I just felt like this was a way to look back and remember,” said Wilson. “The pictures are memorable but me writing where I can read my writing and visualize that day, as it happened.”      

Wilson has only been back home for two weeks now, enough time for her friends to joke if she’s thawed out, but her time in the freezing temperatures was a wild adventure, one that few students, even adults for that matter, ever get to experience.

Lailah was among the 130 students from 20 different countries selected by “Students on Ice”, a foundation that promotes exploration to the Arctic and Antarctica. 

The students also learned about climate change, our oceans, and the culture and people who call the Arctic home. 

“I really took away my environmental impact, and how it affects this part of the world,” said Wilson. “The ice is melting and that’s like a huge thing, and it affects those communities.”

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