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Diagnosed with cancer several years ago, a Hamilton High School teen credits doctors and care from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for saving his life. Now with cancer behind him, he’s working to save lives by raising money to help patients. Nicholas London is this week’s Local Cool Kid.

“When you are diagnosed, your whole world changes,” says Nicholas.

As a childhood cancer survivor, Nicholas remembers the day his life changed forever.

“Your initial reaction is ‘oh, man, I might die.”

In 2014, three weeks into the start of his freshman year, his focus shifted from his studies and basketball to being diagnosed with leukemia, and afraid he’d die.

“I was at a low point; almost felt like I was a shell of my former self.”

Today, not only surviving, Nicholas is thriving. And his focus these days are not just about school and scoring on the court, but something else. Giving back to St. Jude.

“There’s no way I would’ve survived going through this. Without people donating. People giving back.”

And he’s returning the favor. It was at St. Jude that Nicholas, also known as St. Nick, beat cancer, but also found a love of music. Now he’s rapping around the Mid-South with proceeds from his album, including the song ‘Blessing in Disguise,’ being donated to St. Jude.

“It was basically saying, how it seems like this horrible thing, but maybe there’s a silver lining,” says Nicholas. “So now that I am on the other side of this, I feel that I should do the same thing.”

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