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Making good music is more than just hitting the right notes. These days, it takes good singing and also a little tech know-how.

“In the music industry, so many of the jobs happen, not in front of the microphone, but behind the scenes; producing and recording,” said Andrew Smith, Evangelical Christian School’s Choral Director:

ECS is ready to take its music program and choirs to the next level. 
ECS converted a former storage closet in the choir room into a campus recording studio. 
The move exposed students to the technical side of music but also accomplishing one other goal. 

“So we not only get to record our singers and instrumentalists, and let them showcase what they are learning here at school,” said Smith. “We give experience to people who want to be behind the scene– learn how to mix, produce and master music.”

“Something we are really excited about doing in the future is making music videos for our group,” said Smith. “It showcases the music we do and it’s fun, good promotion for the school.” 

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