Local Education: Empowering Girls & Women To Take On Male-Dominated Fields

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A local group in the bluff city is focusing its efforts to empower Memphis girls and women. “Girl twenty-four” is giving female students the chance to learn more about traditionally male-dominated professions.

The event is called “Girlfacturing: How It’s Made” tour, and it’s offering alternative plans this spring break.

There are six opportunities throughout the week for girls to work alongside owners and partners of successful companies right here in Memphis.

“Being able to come out here to a construction site where it’s usually male dominated, girls get to see that ‘Hey! I can do this as well’,” says “girl twenty-four” founder Erika Cain.

“It was just really nice to see women in the engineering field and architecture, and it’s just really encouraging for me to learn about this,” says Houston High senior Chloe McNeil.

Up to 90 girls and women will get personal tours and talks at each company, as well as a “hands-on” opportunity to create products onsite, or witness them come to life.

To learn more about “girl twenty-four,” CLICK HERE.

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