Local Good News: Alpha Phi Alpha Offers ACT Boot Camp For Local Students

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It’s boots on the ground or in the classroom.  Local students recently went through an intensive course to prepare for the ACT.  And the instructors involved volunteered their time.  It’s local good news.   

Members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. are holding boot camp.  It’s not your typical boot camp with physical activity, it involves mental and educational activity.

“The response from the community has been astounding,” said Lead Instructor Bronson Worthy.

And it involves something most students dread or fear doing… taking the ACT.

“Nationally, the ACT score average is 16.8 and Tennessee is below that 16.8,” said instructor Todd Harris.

So, that’s why the Alpha Men are holding the ACT boot camp.  It’s an intensive preparation course.  But the students or scholars who complete the boot camp usually experience increased ACT scores. 

“Day 1 – they look like deer in headlights.  Day 2 – It’s kind of jogging the memory.  Day 3 – Everybody is rocking and rolling,” said Harris.

The ‘Go To High School, Go To College ACT Bootcamp’ includes classroom instruction:

“I think if you use the lesson plan that we have, do the homework and participate, your score will go up,” said student instructor Rahm Bakshi.

Pre and Post-practice ACT exams:

“There’s no way that learning more content is going to lower your score,” said student instructor Rashad Abdur-Raheem.

And at home study and course work.  The students are grateful.

“Always make sure you read and pay attention and time yourself real good,” said student Derrick Webber.

“I feel especially prepared.  I mean it’s a lot of hard work and dedication.  I feel like I’m ready to conquer 10 ACTS,” said student Talise Grey.

This course was free of charge and was made possible through funds provided by the Department of Justice to service and mentor at-risk youth.

“I’m just really appreciative because ACT prep people spend thousands of dollars trying to take these courses and learn and they’re doing it for free to help our community because we need it and I’m really appreciative,” said student Kania Taylor.

And that’s local good news.

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