Local Good News: Ballet On Wheels Gives Kids Something To Dance About

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It’s time to fall into love through dance. But, we’re not talking about your average dancers. We’re talking about little ones as young as three to eighteen years old who found out how to “bow” after giving back to the community. It’s local good news.

Dancing makes us happy. Dancing is an expression of who we are.

“It’s so much more than just getting out there and dancing. But, you’re going to be connecting — connecting through yourself, your mind, body, and spirit,” said Ballet on Wheels Executive Artistic Director Chauniece Thompson.

Ballet on Wheels Executive Artistic Director Chauniece Thompson says dancing eases our minds from everyday worries.

“It’s a release definitely. Kids have stressors just like we as adults have,” said Thompson.

For these young Ballet on Wheels Dancers, it’s much more.

“We’re not just focused on dance. We’re focused on community, and we have a lot of community projects that the kids have to support and understand,” said Thompson.

For these little ones, it’s about giving back.

“There was a little girl that walked up to me, and she had this beautiful basket. And, her question was ‘Is this enough? You know — will they like this?’ So, it wasn’t about dance for her, but she knew we were working with kids that were sick. You know – kids that might not wake up to a bright day,” said Thompson.

And, Thompson says giving back in the community and dancing can also lead to wonderful opportunities for these little ones.

“You can have college scholarships. You can dance professionally,” said Thompson.

And that’s local good news.

Even though Ballet on Wheels is located in Midtown, the dancers travel to schools and different organizations. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

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