Local Good News: Being “Wristsponsible” For Clean Water

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Full transparency here. When I started the “Wristbands For Water” campaign for children in Ghana, I wondered, “How is it we could take for granted something we use on a daily basis, yet other people struggle to get?” Now, how one organization is helping you see the importance of H2O is local good news.

It’s something we all have access too. Water!

“We live here in America, and we can just go turn on the sink,” said Wristsponsible CEO Kevin Sofen.

And, we use it every day.

“From going to the bathroom to showering to brushing your teeth to making your coffee,” said Sofen.

Now, imagine you can’t give your child a glass of water. Mothers, you can’t have that play time in the tub with that toddler and those rubber duckies. 

“What if the only water you had was water that you walked for, for four hours to get, and that water was brown and filled with bacteria, yet you had no other choice?” asked Sofen.

Kevin Sofen is the founder of the non-profit Wristsponsible. And, he’s hoping people all over the U.S., including here in Memphis, will become responsible with the way we think and use water. And, it all started with a trip he took to Nepal after the earthquake there.

“There’s this hospital that was destroyed, and people who were in a hospital bed didn’t even have access to water for standard medical procedures. Really blew my mind!” said Sofen. “With the whole Flint problem, it blew my mind.”

So, Kevin is on a mission to make people wristsponsible. How do you do that? And, how do you teach your children here in the Bluff City to be responsible when it comes to water?

“I think being wristsponsible is paying it forward on a daily basis, doing little things like closing the fridge and turning off the sink or working with others you’ve never worked with before.”

It’s local good news.

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