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We’ve all heard of the ‘power of the pen?’  But, how about the power of clippers, hair clippers? Meet a local master barber who is changing the game of education one haircut at a time. It’s local good news.

Something is buzzing inside Dr. W.H. Brewster Elementary School. There’s a barbershop inside the school. But, students aren’t getting your typical haircut or trim.  The children are getting a math lesson. And, they’re also getting a reading lesson.

“I put this book up here (on the wall) so they (the children) could read the book as they are getting their hair cut, so I can help them with their vocab and help them learn how to read in a very proficient way,” said Master Barber Fidell Woods.

Meet Master Barber Fidell Woods.

“A lot of men are being absence in the homes of black males, and there needs to be more men involved in young men’s lives,” said Woods.

So, Fidell decided to “Man Up” in his community.

“When you start with them when they’re young, they begin to make good decisions and make good habits,” said Woods.

And, Woods is ‘grooming boys to be men’ as the sign that hangs on his wall reads by teaching them division, multiplication and fractions.

“I kind of took it upon myself to come in here and be more of a mentor, be more of an inspiration to young men because I feel like they need to see somebody who cares other than their parents,” said Woods.

And, it all began with a visit to the school to see a family member.

“I came up here to visit my niece.  And, in the cafeteria, I saw a couple of young guys that looked like they needed some haircuts,” said Woods.

But, Fidell goes beyond giving haircuts and teaching just math and reading lessons.  He’s also teaching the children life skills like cleaning up being themselves or in this case sweeping things up. And, he’s also educating children on how to shake things off in life that truly don’t matter.”

“The message I want to leave with everybody is follow your heart.  I’m in here because I followed my heart,” said Woods.

And according to school officials, Woods is also changing the hearts of local kids.  And that’s local good news.

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