Local Good News: Local Authors Highlight African-American Inventors In New Book

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Two Memphis sisters have found a way to teach Black History by going on a journey. Their “ride of pride” is local good news.

Do you know who invented the iron that you use to get the kiddies’ clothes ready for school? Or, who invented that home security system that keeps your family safe? And, what about that tricycle your child rides?

Well, fasten your seatbelt. Sisters Sonya and Yvonne Johnson are about to take us on a ride; a ride through black history that teaches children about African-American inventors.

“You know about the typical ones. You know George Washington Carver, the super-soaker. But, I was like okay, the rolling pin, the lawn mower,” said ‘The Ride of Pride’ co-author Sonya Johnson.

“Some of the stuff you use every day was invented by black inventors,” chimed in ‘The Ride of Pride’ co-author Yvonne Johnson.

And, the sisters document some of those things like the mop, the dustpan, and the pencil sharpener in their book, ‘The Ride of Pride’.

‘The Ride of Pride’ is a story about a boy named Jaylen that needed encouragement to do his homework, so his parents decided to take the active role in his homework assignment by researching different inventions,” said Yvonne.

And research is nothing new for these ladies. Both Yvonne and Sonya are Memphis educators. So, they say writing the book was natural. It was like teaching a class.

“I’m happy when students read the book, even adults. They can look and think of ways that maybe they can create something new,” said Sonya. “Even though Black History Month is one month, we should celebrate 365. So, every day you can celebrate something new about your heritage and history and just learn something new about yourself because we’ve made an impact with giving something to the world all year long.”

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