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Local Teacher Trains For Olympic Bobsled Competition

MEMPHIS, TN - Remember the name Sable Otey? We introduced you to Sable when she was trying out for the U.S. Olympic Bobsled team.

Well, she is officially on board.

Back home in Memphis now, Local 24 anchor Katina Rankin spoke to her about training for the competition.

"I can get through this," Otey said. 

Sable Otey is doing push-ups, barbell lunges, and overhead presses.

"I'm just basically doing some stuff to stay in shape," Otey said.

She is pushing trucks too. Otey is training for the U.S. Olympic Bobsled competition.  That is just in her spare time. 

She also works a full-time job at Lowrance Elementary School as a physical education teacher. Plus, she is married with a son.

"I have a kid whose temporarily disabled now." Otey said. "He can't walk.  He has to use his hands."

But even with everything that's going on in her personal life, she is determined to bring home the gold for the U.S. and Memphis.

"I'm going on four, four and a half hours of sleep every day.  People don't know that, but I know what it takes.  And, I just humbly, just take it day by day.  And, I just say I can make it.  In your mind, you tell yourself you can make it," Otey said.

Sable Otey's determination to do the best for the red, white, and blue and make Memphis proud.

Even though Otey made the Olympic try-outs, she still has to pay for everything.

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