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Local Good News: West Memphis School District Renovations

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - The West Memphis School District is getting a makeover. Several elementary schools are undergoing renovations. It's local good news.

Just a short drive across the Memphis city line, across the Mississippi River, and you're soon in West Memphis, Arkansas. About seven miles in, you enter the West Memphis School District. It's the largest school district in the Arkansas Delta region. 

"There's a lot of pride in this school district,” says Faulk Elementary Principal Dr. Kirk Freeman. “The people love the school. The parents love the school. The kids love the school."

To say the community is very supportive of the school system is an understatement. The district has one brand new elementary school, four elementary schools that have been drastically renovated, and two elementary schools will merge as one in a brand-new building in the fall of 2019.

"The students are very proud of the renovations that have taken place because I think it’s been years since they've seen anything like this,” says Dr. Freeman.

At Faulk Elementary, not only are they seeing renovations. They have a new principal that's renovating the classroom learning space.

"I want couches. I want bean bags. If you look around the classroom, we have different types of seating arrangements here. I don't want traditional classrooms where you have desks like a prison. I don't want these type things in this school,” says Dr. Freeman. "Education has totally changed over the years, and I want the kids to see the difference in education because we have different types of learners."

Investing in our little ones and getting them to train their brains to learn new things, is local good news.

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