Local Health Alert: A Sedentary Lifestyle Could Lead To Heart Problems

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Living a sedentary lifestyle can cause serious ailments for your heart health. According to the American Heart Association, people who spend hours sitting at a desk or lying on the couch are at a greater risk of having their heart muscles shrink and stiffen as they age. The problem can increase the risk for heart failure.

“You have to work your heart muscle just like any other muscle,” explains Krista Robinson, owner of PT Squared Fitness and Wellness in Collierville.

She worked with client, Rachel Riley, to get active and exercise away more than 40 pounds over the last two years, mixing in a healthy diet. Riley says after a career shift that took her off her feet and behind a desk, she put on weight and was out of shape.

“All the sudden one day you just wake up and you’re like oh my gosh, what happened?” Riley says walking up the stairs left her winded.

Robinson and trainers have worked with Riley to create a catered exercise plan, with high intensity challenges.

“It’s a good mix of full body, cardio, strength training,” says Robinson. The moves keep Riley’s heart rate elevated but it doesn’t have to take a gym to get the job done. “My favorite is jumping jacks. You don’t need any equipment, you can modify them and they’re still pretty challenging,” explains Robinson.

Riley’s cut down on sugars and completely cut dairy from her diet in conjunction with her workout plans. Two years, 28 inches and 44 pounds later, she feels healthy. “I don’t get winded walking up the stairs to work anymore.”

She also avoided the need for medication to attack her high cholesterol.

“She’s healthy right now, but she’s setting herself up to be healthy in the long run too,” says Robinson.

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