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It’s National School Breakfast Week and cafeterias across the country are celebrating by encouraging kids to choose a nutritious meal to start their days.

Researchers consider it the most important meal of the day. “Studies have shown that students who eat breakfast on a daily basis actually perform better in schools,” says Kim Stewart a Registered Dietician with Shelby County Schools.

What kids are putting into their systems at the start of the day, is fueling what they’re able to put out in class. Free breakfast is available to students across the district, but not every kid is taking advantage of that.

“A lot of high school students tend to skip breakfast. Sleep in and skip breakfast,” says Stewart. This week, the goal is to push parents and students to make breakfast a priority. Shelby County Schools is urging its kids to get to school on time and take advantage of the meal. 

At Riverwood Elementary School in Cordova, meals are fast and simple but not without a lot of thought. Three options are offered each day from on-the-go fruits and yogurt, to hot meals like sausage biscuits and oatmeal. Nataska Partee is the Nutrition Services Supervisor for the school and says everything is whole grain and staff goes above and beyond to make it look appealing to kids. In fact, last year she was given an award for the garnishes she and her staff create for each meal.

Health is always a top priority when it comes to choices. “Our breakfasts are reduced fat, low in sodium,” says Stewart. Breakfast is offered free of charge, daily for kids throughout the district.

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