Local I-Team: Lipscomb’s Accusers Frustrated Over Statute Of Limitations

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New information about the report MPD released Monday, stating it would not request an indictment on allegations of forcible sodomy, rape, and aggravated battery against Robert Lipscomb.
Three of six victims broke down in tears while talking with the Local I-Team about the pain they say Robert Lipscomb caused them. They say they came forward after so many years to support the first victim whose credibility was being questioned.
Local I-Team senior investigator Jeni Diprizio was the first reporter to break the story that Lipscomb would not be prosecuted and the first to get her hands on the report MPD released today.
That report states, in part, “the betrayal of trust in this situation is staggering,” but goes on to say Lipscomb will not be indicted on any of the allegations, in large part, because they are time-barred.
Lipscomb was the Director of Housing and Community Development until scandalous allegations resulted in a criminal investigation, suspension, and resignation.
The report identifies six victims who stated they looked up to Lipscomb as a mentor or father figure and then claim he used that status and in in some cases money to sexually abuse them.
Hundreds of pages of interviews and notes culminate in a summary that concludes the District Attorney “cannot in good faith” prosecute, in large part, because all of the claims are time-barred.
Among the six victims who were interviewed, the district attorney cited one as “a textbook example of a predator’s grooming a child that eventually evolves into the molestation of the child.”
Another victim alleges the sexual acts he performed “he had to do to pay him back for helping him with an application,” referring to Lipscomb.  
The allegations of four other victims include fondling and oral sex.  
Lipscomb has denied any wrongdoing since the claims first surfaced. He will not be indicted or prosecuted. Lipscomb’s attorney says he plans to comment after reading the report.

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