Local Law Enforcement Cracking Down On Interstate Shooters

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Local law enforcement agencies are on the lookout for the latest interstate shooters. 

There have been at least four shootings in the past couple of months on Memphis interstates. The most recent shooting involved an 18-wheeler on I-240 near Airways on Wednesday morning. 

No one was hurt. 

Memphis Police say they’re looking for the person responsible. Truck drivers like Jason Brigance say motorists can be mean and violent when driving Memphis interstates. 

“Road rage is the number one deal. People cutting trucks off. Trucks cutting cars off. It goes both ways,” said Brigance

Brigance has been driving 18-wheelers for 16 years. He’s a local truck driver so he drives Memphis interstates all day, every day. “People getting mad and viciously trying to hurt people in their cars, that’s what it is. It’s almost like a death race around this, around 240. It’s ridiculous,” said Brigance

Brigance hasn’t been shot at, but he sees firsthand how road rage drives motorists to violence. 
“I get cut off multiple times every day. People flipping you off and throwing stuff at you out of the car. It’s pretty ridiculous sometimes,” said Brigance

If you drive I-240, 40, and 55, you’ll notice an increased police presence. Memphis Police officers are lying in wait.

“It can be scary, but we just need everybody to stay calm. Contact the police and give us any information they can give us. Unfortunately, now everybody is allowed to drive around with a gun in their car. And they don’t know any other way to respond. And we are having problems with that,” said Memphis Police Lieutenant Karen Rudolph. 

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