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Local Scam Alert: DeSoto County Sheriff's Office Warns About Phone Scam

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. (localmemphis.com) - The DeSoto County Sheriff's Office is warning of a new phone scam making the rounds.

A man and a woman are calling people claiming they have an active warrant for their arrest and must pay money over the phone. Deputies say Tuesday, two people have fallen victim to the scam. One elderly woman sent $2,500 dollars to the scammers.

The call says, "You have reached the automated voice messaging system for the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department Civil Service a Division."

DeSoto County Deputy Alex Coker says don’t fall for it. "We will not ask for any financial information over the phone. We're not gonna ask for credit card number. We're not gonna ask for you to send us in some money cards or meet us anywhere with the money cards. That's not how we do business."

Immediately contact the Sheriff's office if you are targeted by these scammers. 



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