Mayor Will Review Controversial “A” List With Police Director

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There are more than 80 people in Memphis who now know that they must have a police escort when to get around Memphis City Hall. They are on the “A” list. The ACLU says get rid of the list or prepare for a lawsuit. Local 24’s Mike Matthews has the story.

Minister Devante Hill says he didn’t even know any list existed until he saw the stories last week.

That’s when he found out his name happened to be on that list. “84 people are on that list and the deserve an apology,” Hill says. “When it comes to Mayor Strickland, he’s deceitful. I think he’s very deceitful for what he’s done.”

Hill was active in last summers protest that shut down the Hernando Desoto Bridge.

Since then he has met with Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland several times trying to work on issues that he and others thought were important.

He never knew that when he came into city hall…he had to be escorted by a cop.

“I want to know why the Mayor is spying on us,” he says. “For what reason is he spying on us? Are we a threat to his political agenda?”

Mayor Strickland says there is no political agenda.

He says there are, in fact two lists.

One he knew nothing about, he says, the other list came after a protest at his house near the University of Memphis, where protesters, he says , looked through the windows of his home.

It led to a meeting with Police Director Mike Rallings.

“At that point,” the Mayor says, “… I talked to the director, who said well, maybe we do need some more security at the house. They suggested an authorization of agency, they came up with a list of names, and I signed it.”

You have people who feel their First Amendment rights have been violated, the American Civil Liberties Union ready to step into action, yet the Mayor says he needs to talk with Director Rallings before doing anything. “I mean I am concerned,” he says. “I’ve heard the voices and that’s why I’ve asked our police director to review it.”

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