Mayoral Candidate Tami Sawyer releases response to controversial tweets

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( Local 24 News first uncovered Memphis Mayoral Candidate Tami Sawyer’s tweets that are raising some eyebrows. 

In the decade old tweets, Sawyer talks about lack of respect for police, drinking and also had some anti LGBTQ language. 

Sawyer released a response to the tweets Saturday in a blog post on Medium. 

“The tweets you see from that time are buried.  Some of them, I’m not going to apologize for, they were jokes that didn’t land or things that right now are being taken wildly out of context to make me seem like I’m a drunk, or drunk-driving,” Sawyer said. 

“There are other tweets there, though, that I definitely will apologize for.  There are tweets that show a woman who, at that point still hadn’t come to terms with her homophobia, who still wasn’t standing up and being a voice for all, regardless of ability.  I am, not just deeply ashamed, but deeply sorry for those tweets, the harm they caused at the time, and the harm that seeing them now will still bring up, especially for members of those communities and for all of us.”

To see Sawyer’s full statement, click here

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