Members of Marion Police Department On Paid Administrative Leave After Shooting Kills Teen

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Local in Arkansas, a teenager is dead, and two members of the Marion Police Department are on paid administrative leave after an officer involved shooting Tuesday night.

The gunfire claimed the life of 16-year-old Aries Clark, who died overnight in the hospital.

It happened outside East Arkansas Youth Services, which serves as an emergency shelter and also provides foster care.

The director of the facility told Local 24 the teenager wasn’t staying there and cell phone video from one witness doesn’t help answer a major question: whether Clark had a gun before he was shot.

In the one minute video, you see Clark standing outside the facility.

Cars pass, and things are quiet, silence suddenly drowned out by several gunshots.

Law enforcement is then seen running towards the teenager as he lies on the ground.

Investigators won’t confirm or deny whether the teenager had a weapon, a detail on the minds of many in Marion.

“If the child had a weapon, he put himself, he chose to do that and by him not listening and putting it down if he had it, you couldn’t blame them,” said a Marion resident who didn’t want her name used.

Agents with the Arkansas State Police are the lead investigators in the case.

They’ll send a report to Crittenden County prosecutors, who will decide whether the use of deadly force was justified.

In a statement, East Arkansas Youth Services said, “we cannot speculate of comment on the specifics at this time as the investigation is ongoing. We ask for your continued support in this challenging role. We also request your prayers for our operations and specifically for all individuals and entities involved in this incident.”

The Marion Police Chief declined to identify the two people on paid administrative leave or their years of experience with the department.

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