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Memphis Animal Services Offering $25 Adoptions Amid Large Intake Of Dogs

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - Memphis Animal Services needs to make space fast. They're expecting to take in 20 dogs from a home in south Memphis. That will put them over capacity.

MAS can't go into detail about the 20 dogs, but they're counting on people to adopt the dogs they already have. MAS has reduced the adoption fee by $50 to $25.

"We're always full in this area,” says Katie Pemberton with MAS.

Little dogs get all the love. Puppies are cute, but the folks with Memphis Animal Services say big dogs deserve some love too.

"They deserve a home just as much as a puppy or small dog does," says Pemberton.

Memphis Animal Services expects to get at least 20 dogs from a home in south Memphis. They can't give details on the situation, but they need to make room.

"In this particular case, we have already exhausted our over flow kennel space,” says Pemberton.

MAS has reduced the adoption fee for medium and large size dogs that weigh more than 25 pounds. You'll pay $25 instead of $75.

"It's a great adoption fee. It includes spay neuter, microchip, vaccines, collar, leash, heart worm test, and a customized ID tag,” says Pemberton.

MAS has about 110 kennels for medium and large size dogs. They're already about 15% over capacity.

"These guys are often here through no fault of their own,” says Pemberton.

There are so many different breeds of dogs at MAS. They all have a story. Just because they're here, doesn't mean something is wrong with them. They all deserve a happy home.

Dog owners like Laci Tamboli say the adoption deal is not only a great price, you'll have a forever friend.

"Look at ‘em. They're all so precious,” says Tamboli. “They all just need a home so bad."


Memphis Animal Services announced Thursday that they expect to take in approximately 20 dogs from a home in south Memphis, which will put the shelter well over capacity.

MAS staff does not yet know details about the dogs coming in from the home, or the conditions in which they were kept. They will not be available for adoption for at least three days. They are asking the public to help make room in the shelter for these dogs by adopting dogs that are already available.

“We are consistently full in the large dog section of our shelter, and our situation recently has been no different. As it stood yesterday, we had already exhausted our overflow kennel space,” said Alexis Pugh, MAS Administrator. “Adding these 20 dogs to an already over-capacity shelter has put us in a dire situation as far as kennel space is concerned.”

MAS is currently offering a “Give Love” special adoption rate in honor of Valentine’s Day which will last for the rest of February, in which all dogs 25 lbs and up will be available for an adoption fee of just $25. All dog adoptions include spay/neuter, microchip, vaccines, heartworm test, collar, leash, and a customized ID tag. The shelter hopes this promotion will help make space in their large dog kennels, helping their most vulnerable population.

MAS has had several record months as far as their save rate, or percentage of animals with positive outcomes. The save rate in December 2017 was 90 percent, an all-time shelter record, and in January 2018 was 87 percent.

“When we see our save rates hit record highs, we know we’re heading in the right direction and that more animals than ever are being saved. But our ultimate goal—more important to us than our save rate—is to eliminate euthanasia for space,” said Pugh. “We’ve gotten there with cats, but we still struggle with large-breed adult dogs. What we want people to know is that these dogs are often here through no fault of their own, and that they deserve a chance at a family just as much as a small dog or a puppy.”

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