Memphis Mayor wants Tennessee Highway Patrol to bring more people here to help

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – When a program works, they want to keep it working.

At least Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland does.

The first part of this year was rough riding. It was at sometimes deadly.

“The first six months of this year was bad with respect to our interstate shootings,” Mayor Jim Strickland says.

In July, Memphis Police, Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputies and the Tennessee Highway Patrol joined forces to patrol the roads in and around this city.

Yes, they crack down on speeders. But yes, the crackdown has resulted in safer roads, more engine backfire than gunfire.

“You compare the first six months of this year to the last couple of months,” says Mayor Strickland. “There’s been a dramatic decrease in interstate shootings.”

The reaction to all of this has been good. Motorists we have talked with like it, like it a lot.

“Keep up the good work.” Marvelle Tyson says. “It makes my job easier.”

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland says he gets the same reaction.

He keeps up conversations with the Governor, with Shelby County Sheriff Floyd Bonner, saying it’s the best way to get help in situations. He is hoping a request he made two years ago will finally come true.

Holding a piece of paper, Strickland says, “I have shown you a document here where we made a presentation to the State Legislature in December of 2017,” he says. “The first thing on here is give us more resources in the form of Tennessee Highway Patrol.”

He says the results of Operation Grizzly Bear show the need.

“I know they’re stretched statewide and they’re trying to cover 95 counties,” the Mayor says. “But Memphis is where the issue has mainly been and so we are presenting that case to them.”

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