Memphis Mother Pleads For Help After Laptop With Pictures Of Her Late Son Is Stolen

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A theft victim is speaking to Local 24 after her SUV was broken into.  However, it’s what the thief took from her that has her talking. 

Katrina Dorse left work Friday to find her Ford Escape window smashed and her bag gone and inside of that bag were precious memories of her son, who died in 2016. 

Dorse is hoping whoever broke into her truck and stole her bag will have a change of heart. 

“There was glass everywhere, and my window had just been shattered,” Dorse said. “It was obvious some of my personal belongings were missing.”

Dorse feels violated.  She says the breakin happened while her SUV was parked on Vance near Front Street in downtown Memphis. 

“And it wasn’t until the next day that I truly realized the totality of what they took,” Dorse explained. 

The thief took a bag out of her car that had her ID, bank cards and a laptop filled with pictures of her baby boy, Kellen who died tragically due to heart failure. 

“Kellen was born with seven heart defects and that’s something that no parent can prepare for,” Dorse said.  “I won’t have photos of his fifth birthday, I won’t get video of him walking across the stage at graduation. But these photos are important for that reason. That they definitely took more than just a laptop.”

Dorse created “Big Heart Fund,” in honor of her son.  It’s a non-profit aimed at raising awareness about heart disease.  Her laptop also contained important documentation about her launch event for her non-profit that’s happening in two weeks. 

“The person who took this laptop, there’s no telling what they were going through and I am not angry with them. I am not upset with them. It is the act that has hurt me,” Dorse said. 

A good samaritan found Dorse’s bank cards and id that were tossed on the side of the road and returned them to her.  She’s hoping her laptop will make its way back to her too. 

Big Heart Fund is hosting its formal announcement celebration to the public February 15th from 5:30 – 7:30 at Crosstown Concourse.  If you have any information about this case, please call the Memphis Police Department. 

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