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Memphis Movies Explores Social Media Dangers

MEMPHIS, Tenn (localmemphis.com) - A New Memphis movie wants to start a conversation about the real-life dangers of social media.


LaDell Beamon, CEO and founder of Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis, said he wanted to make this movie happen because too often social media is the source of issues for young people in schools.


"Gone Viral" tells the story of a teenage girl trying to break into the music industry.


"She decides to do the unthinkable and once she does that it goes viral and one post changes everybody's lives that are around her," said Beamon.


Beamon wrote and co-directed the movie that explores the downfalls of social media and desire to be famous. It reveals the dark realities of cyber-bullying and human-trafficking.


"If we don't wake up as parents and as a community and deal with it before we know it we're going to have even more kids that are missing that are separated from their families," said Beamon.

"The message meant everything," said Horn Lake High School senior Yazmine Lyles.


Lyles played "Monique" in the movie, the lead actress' best friend.


For Lyles and her Mom, the movie tells a relevant message.


"Anytime I feel like there's a fake page or something weird on social media or someone hit me up or someone say weird nasty things to me I immediately go give the phone to her," said Lyles.


"It's important we're putting the stuff out here putting the message, so parents can pay attention and to be educated," said Marla Clark, Lyles' mother.


Organizers rolled out the red carpet at the Malco Majestic in Hickory Hill Thursday. They said more than 300 people who bought tickets for the two evening screenings.


"What was in the movie is actually what's going on today. I just feel like everybody needs to pay attention and just watch what they put on social media," said Allisha Frazier after watching the movie.


Beamon said they will hold screenings in Nashville, Charlotte and Birmingham.


Their goal is for churches and schools to show it and have those important conversations with parents and teens about using social media responsibly.

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