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Memphis Police : Teen Shot Outside Frayser Sports Bar

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - Memphis Police are looking for the person who sprayed the parking lot of a Frayser sports bar with gun fire early Sunday morning, critically injuring an innocent bystander. 


Three other people were injured in a crash while leaving the bar.  Witnesses tell Local 24 all this happened after a concert. It was a chaotic scene that has left anti-violence activists frustrated. 


Stevie Moore has dedicated his life to curb gun violence in Memphis, so he was angry to hear about another tragic incident in his community.  A 16-year-old is fighting for his life after multiple rounds were fired in the parking lot of Infiniti's Sports Bar and Grill on North Watkins. Witnesses tell Local 24’s reporter Annette Peagler, he was not the intended target. 


Moore says how many more young people must die for the community to say enough is enough. 


Shell casings and broken glass could be seen all over the parking lot after Memphis Police say someone shot into a crowd of people. 


"Five people got shot at Bosses, that is right down the street from the other club. So, when are we going to get mad enough and say enough," Moore explained. 


Moore, creator of F.F.U.N. (Freedoms from Unnecessary Negatives) says these shootings are becoming far too frequent for comfort.  He lost his son to the same gun violence. 


"We need to focus on where they are getting them from, who bringing them in, how can we stop them," Moore said. 


Witnesses say these shootings started after a concert at a bar when the entourages of some of the performers got into an argument. Memphis Police have yet to confirm those details. 


Moore believes reaching the youth earlier can be a positive solution. 


"We expect everybody to save us but us, these are children dying," Moore said.  "We want to start a thing called F.U.N.N. Houses and clean up the blight in the community and change old blighted houses to houses that kids can come to after school."


Police have not made any arrests in last night's shooting.  If you have any cell phone video of what happened or information that could lead investigators to an arrest, please call Memphis Police or Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH. 

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